Art exhibition theme-rooms announced!

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Sacred Space art curator, Kathryn Schnabel tells us:

“In the spirit of ‘evolving,’ after we saw the entire body of art work, each exhibition area ‘emerged’ with its own theme: from Mother Earth in the Haywood Duke Room to Family in the Forrest Room to Evolving From Stranger to Neighbor housed at FaithAction. The Nonprofit art projects, located at Temple Emmauel on Greene Street, are compelling as we can see that both the children and adults put great heart into creating the work as the images communicate authenticity and hope. From their work, we are reminded that we are all called to co-create–no matter how old or what our circumstance.”

The Sacred Space Art walk will happen April 12-15, in conjunction with Co-Creation 2012 and is free and open to the public.  Learn more here:

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The Glorious In-Between

"The Glorious In-Between" by Denise Landi

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