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We asked Servant Leadership School instructors, friends, and fans to share what is sparking their Co-Creation enthusiasm.

Poet Jacinta V. White writes:

I’ve had the pleasure of teaching a six week session I developed titled, “Awakening Presence: Deepening Your Relationship With God Through Poetry,” at the Servant Leadership School of Greensboro (SLS) last year. In this intimate setting, we had the awesome opportunity to use poetry as a catalyst for going deeper in our personal walk with God.  We creatively explored the poetry of others and our own to ask and answer questions such as: Who is God? How do we relate to God? How do we sit with pain? How can we see God in our daily life clearer?

Not only was this an amazing “professional” experience for me, I also grew spiritually during my time teaching at SLS. Knowing I was surrounded by those intentional about their spiritual journey—those who were in the class and those who were taking other classes at SLS at the same time—provided inspiration and a synergy that has remained. Often, our spiritual quest can feel isolating, and so it’s meaningful to know of and be able to feel God’s presence through supportive partnerships.

And so I celebrate Co-Creation 2012 as a coming together—an individual and collective response to a calling—that’s needed at this time in our world. How can we be the Light in the world if we don’t find our way to refuel, be inspired, and give? Who are we if we don’t steal away, learn, worship, fellowship, pause? This, to me, is what Co-Creation 2012 is about: a collective, “Yes, here I am; Yes, I am ready; Yes, I will…”


Jacinta V. White, known as Jacinta Victoria in the poetry community, is a published poet and workshop facilitator. Through her company, The Word Project, Jacinta uses poetry to assist others on their personal and spiritual journey. She leads the annual New Year’s Eve Poetry Workshop at Healing Ground, along with other “poetry and healing” workshops throughout the area for youth and adults. To learn more, visit





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