(VIDEO) Co-Creation’s Sacred Space for the City

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Video Transcript:

The co-creation festival, in general, as a whole is just a different way of thinking about expressing your own gifts in the world. It’s coming out of the servant-leadership approach. The Servant-Leadership of G reensboro has been having classes and teaching modern practices of spirituality that anchor their things down in your own unique gifts. The conference is about tapping into that and talking about it and hearing speakers, and once you access those gifts, how do you bring them out into the world, how you come up with new ministries, new creative efforts, new businesses that express that person that you are and what your calling is.

One thing that I think is really exciting about the sacred space for the city part of the whole conference is that when you take the visual arts, and you mix them with these different kinds of music events that we have, anything from a Mozart kind of experience to a lively indieĀ  band experience, and you have all these things to choose from and you’re walking around in this lovely area, there are sculptures in the garden it’s a nice way to take in the other side. The conference activities are thinking and the art and the music and the cultural activities are feeling. So you’ve got the left brain helping with the conference and the right brain happening with the art and it’s just a really nice mixture. I think when you put it all together it’s an incredible experience.

We have things from sculptures out in the meditation garden, we have paintings of mixed media, we have wonderful ceramic and clay pieces. We have a wonderful variety of visual art, very, very expressive. One thing that all the artists were required to do wether they were invited or part of the open call was to write a statement about how the work that they were submitting answers the theme “The Spirit’s Call to Evolve”, because we felt that that was very important, especially since it is tied into the conference. If people could see the art and read the statement together at the same time, and take that all in at once.

Anytime you blaze a new trail you come up with something new, a conference, an art show, you put it all together, you’re trying something out, you’re gonna get a really diverse group of people, all age groups and all backgrounds, and that’s exciting. It’s challenging, it’s exciting, but you’re looking for fun and unexpected things to come out of that: Friendships, conversation, connections, inspirations. So it’s nice that you’re kind of holding the balance between planning something well and leaving room for unexpected things and people to come in and last-minute stuff, so that’s challenging, but that’s when the most pioneering and exciting work can happen, when you have that space open for new things to emerge.

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