Reflections: Servant Leadership Changes Lives

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It is not unusual to hear people say that Servant Leadership has changed their lives, and that is because it does. I am no exception. This program has given me what any good formative experience should – roots within a new paradigm as well as wings for exploring the world through new eyes. It has served as both home and journey for me and will continue to do so as my life in God through the Christian wisdom tradition keeps growing and expanding

The core curriculum, companion classes, and Saturday workshops, along with outside reading, spiritual practices, and the community of fellow seekers have all made possible a deeper awakening to my relationship with God and others as well as all Creation. In addition, I have gained clarity and confidence about how my role as a servant leader can help fulfill God’s dream for a transformed world.

Through Servant Leadership, my work as a counselor and teacher has grown beyond the boundaries of mental health . For a long time, I had known that I was being called to a different way of working with people. Not long after getting involved in the program, I realized that I was being equipped to guide people in their spiritual lives as well as on their journey of psychological and emotional healing. With support from my teachers and friends, I gradually expanded my practice to include spiritual development, a decision which has felt right from the beginning and continues to do so.

Overall, I would call Servant Leadership a spiritual path and way of life through which we unlearn and learn what it means to be God’s “Beloved,” as well as deepen, open, surrender, heal, awaken, discern, clarify, offer and commit ourselves for serving God in this Kingdom of here and now, in this world which calls for our participation and love.






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