Seven Quick Questions (and answers) on Co-Creation 2014

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Why is the church hosting Co-Creation? The church (Holy Trinity Episcopal Church and First Presbyterian Church) and The Servant Leadership School of Greensboro hold that we are all called to be God’s healing Presence in our world—we are all called to be servant leaders or co-creators of a new loving future where all are welcomed and all respected.

Why are the speakers who are coming invited? All three speakers are brilliant and at the “cutting edge” of contemporary spirituality. They bring together the wisdom of our Christian faith tradition and also contemporary and very old spiritual practices that help us usher in the Kingdom of God.

What is the hope and goal of Co-Creation? We hope to provide a sacred space for meaningful conversations about how, as people of faith, we can co-create the world with God, and one another seeking both soul justice and social justice.

Why should people come? We think people will be inspired by not only the speakers but by others who tell their stories of co-creation and where God is active in this world. We will have a 24-7 Prayer Space; a Story Lounge; a celebration of World Labyrinth Day with live music and lots of good food.

What’s different about it? Co-Creation provides sacred space which invites challenging ideas and deep reflection with places for inner work and other spaces for outer expression (open mic!).

Why is it important to one’s spiritual development? Folks who are open to new ideas and new ways of being with God and one another will appreciate this time together.

What can people expect? Serious fun and deep connections and love—yes, love will be present at Co-Creation 2014.

For information and videos on Co-Creation 2014—a gathering in Greensboro, NC May 1-3rd please visit our website at

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