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Centering Prayer and Inner Awakening

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By Cynthia Bourgeault “The divine indwelling is the cornerstone of contemplative prayer. Thomas Keating refers to it as “our personal big bang” for it reveals the Source of our own being—the explosion of divine love into form which first gave rise to our personal life. It also reveals the direction in which our hearts must travel for a constantly renewed intimacy with this Source. As we enter contemplative prayer, we draw near the wellspring from which our being flows.” (page 14) “You could say that learning to shift to seeing with spiritual awareness is a lot like learning to see in the dark. At first everything seems totally black. If you’re patient and don’t grab for the flashlight, little by …

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The Holy Trinity and the Law of Three: Discovering the Radical Truth at the 
Heart of Christianity

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By Cynthia Bourgeault(Shambhala Publications) 

Just as she’s done in her previous books, Cynthia Bourgeault asks us to take 
a look at an idea from traditional Christianity-this time the formula of 
Father, Son, and Holy Spirit-as though we’re looking at it for the first 
time. And as usual, she reveals it to be something we hadn’t expected at 
all. She finds in the idea of the Holy Trinity a striking vision of the 
nature of reality. What she claims, in a nutshell, is that embedded within 
this theological formula that Christians recite mostly on autopilot lies a 
powerful metaphysical principle that could change our understanding of 
Christianity and give us the tools so long and so sorely needed to reunite 
our …

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