Co-Creation 2014 Stories

Co-Creation Stories

Listen to Storytellers describe their own co-creating experience, which begins with the heart’s knowing, moves into collaborative discernment and action evolves in ways not imagined, and serves a great need - in everyone involved.

Co-Creation Stories to be Shared:

How a Few People did a Very Big Thing!

When a small, newly gathered congregation was invited to imagine who they were, they wound up creating a hospice program that served a rural county with no hospital.

Storyteller: The Rev. Susan Sherard


Growing Together at Peacehaven

Buck Cochran, a Presbyterian pastor, discerned a call to somehow build a community where people live and work alongside developmentally handicapped adults. Unexpected grace appeared at each step of the journey.

Storyteller, Buck Cochran, Executive Director of Peacehaven Community Farm


Faith and Action

David Fraccaro, Executive Director of FaithAction International House, will tell a story about how the medical, faith and nonprofit communities collaborated to open a health clinic.


We’ll add more storytellers to the schedule soon!